Frasier Fir Car Diffuser

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Fill your vehicle with the fresh-cut forest fragrance of Thymes Frasier Fir. This long-lasting fragrance diffuser easily clips onto your vehicle's vent and  features fragrance notes of Siberian fir, cedarwood and warm and earthy sandalwood. Each kit comes with a sleek golden plated diffuser and 4 fragranced reeds. The clip-on diffuser holds 2 reeds which last up to 30 days. 

How to use the Frasier Fir Car Diffuser:

1. slide front plate off backing

2. remove 2 fragranced reeds from the resealable bag and place in clip

3. return front plate to backing and attach to vent in vehicle

This is a crisp FRESH fragrance with an aromatic snap of Siberian fir, cedarwood and earthy sandalwood which combine to create a just-cut forest fragrance that evokes warmth and comfort.

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